Adsum Consulting Group links the design of your strategy and its execution in order to support you throughout its concrete and efficient implementation.

Our mission : Implementing your vision


Structure your strategic thinking, through models and innovative tools.


Translate your vision into workable and realistic implementation plan.


Secure and make your most complex transformations a success through adequate change management. Develop your managers’ ability to manage long-term projects.

Our approach : A know-how based on a trio of skills

We understand business strategy.

In order to implement it through project management methodologies allowing to adhere to costs, quality and scheduling.

While supporting your organizational transformation with change management.



Project Management

Change Management

At the basis of our approach, the know-how-to-be (soft skills)

By excellence, we mean our taste for a job well done, and getting to the bottom of things.

Learning more every day from each intervention and meeting we conduct.

To support our clients and be there when they need us, as trusted advisors.



Autonomy / Curiosity

Customer Service