About Us

Adsum Consulting Group

Adsum Consulting Group is a Montreal-based consulting office. Our clients are executive members from the private and public sectors, investment funds and asset managers. They rely on us to translate their strategy into a realistic and workable plan, and support them to that extent. Any investment being first and foremost a project, our service offer is geared to enhancing the ratio return / risk.

The reason we exist

Adsum Consulting Group was founded in 2014, to meet a specific challenge: more often than not, strategic plans do not get beyond good ideas written down on paper. Our premise is that project management is an ideal vehicle for tangibly implementing these strategic plans.

What drives us

We are driven by our passion to achieve our mission: implementing the vision of innovative companies. In supporting and structuring such achievements, we strive to make a positive impact on society, through the concrete implementation of projects that meet the highest quality standards, timetable and budget, therefore saving funds which can be reinvested in other significant initiatives.