Investment Funds and Asset Managers

Investment Funds executives and Asset managers call on us to develop and optimize their investment strategies. We also assist portfolio companies to take advantage of technological, human and energy transitions, in order to mitigate the risk of investing funds. We help funds whose managed assets range from a few tens of million to several billion dollars.

Real Case


An Investment Fund wished to review its business model, in order to capture new investment opportunities, and achieve a competitive edge.

Business Issue

They undertook a major transformation over a four year period. They lost control over major multi million dollars projects, and were unable to deliver the expected outcomes.


We prioritized the main initiatives that showed gains and realign them. We then proceeded to assisting the upper management and Board members, through a training program in project management. Finally, we helped the organization stay focused on its transformation, by reviewing the business model, and setting the project management office into a more strategic position.