Meet our team

Adsum Consulting Group makes the connection between the design of your strategy and its implementation in order to support you in achieving it concretely and efficiently.

Laurence Carrière


Laurence works with organizations from both the public and private sectors helping them
implement their business strategies. With her experience in project management with the
aerospace, mobility and investment industries, she supports executives and their teams to
achieve their full potential. Laurence is particularly keen on implementing the best management
practices to improve her clients performance based on the pillars of sustainable development.

Déborah Smadja


Déborah is an organizational psychologist. She supports organizations and individuals from the
investments and energy sectors in implementing their business strategy. She firmly believes
that all organizations can optimize their efficiency within a culture of care and she particularly
enjoys developing workshops to faciliate complex problem solving and inspire change makers
(or executives/leaders) by means of agile and innovating practices.

Malo Couvert


Malo manages organizational transformation projects for financial sector companies. He
provides the management of his clients with a framework for executing the strategy and
achieving the expected benefits. His ability to listen and diplomatic approach allow for
managing the projects’ political and human issues.

Florent Durieux


Florent supports organizations for the finance, energy and health sectors in structuring their
thinking, on creating innovative business models and implementing their strategy. Structuring
creative processes is of particular interest to Florent.

Henri-Jean Bonnis

President and CEO

Henri-Jean advises executives and managers from investment funds, companies and municipalities on implementing their strategy and a range of situations and issues such as organizational transformation, partnerships, disruptive technologies, innovation and operational efficiency.

Advisory Board

Adsum Consulting Group’s Advisory Board gathers leaders and executives sharing their expertise with the company team, promoting both personal and professional development.

Claude Bergeron

Lawyer specialized in commercial litigation and mergers/acquisitions, Claude
Bergeron helped several foreign corporations to establish themselves, and grow in
Canada and the United States, including the Groupe Le Duff whose
North-American activities grew from 30 millions $ to 1 billion $ between 2005
and 2016.

Johanne Berry

Founder of one of the most important employment and recruitment agencies in
Canada, Les Services de placement Télé-Ressources Ltée, Johanne Berry also
co-founded Berry Guilbault et Associés, a company specializing in business
strategy and human resources and created Umetix, operating in the field of
artificial intelligence.

Clément Demers

Following a 15 year career at Ville de Montréal, notably as assistant Director of
Housing and Urban Development Department, Clément Demers ran the Société
du patrimoine architectural de Montréal and later joined Cadev from the Groupe
immobilier de la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, as First Vice-President.
He then developed the project of Quartier international de Montréal of which he is
currently the Executive Director.

Patrick Palerme

Patrick Palerme was President and CEO of GE Capital Canada and co-founded
Global Change Leaders, a group of leaders from GE, who share their expertise in
the context of change and mergers/acquisitions initiatives.

Martin Sansregret

Vice-President, Strategic planning, then Associate Vice-President and co-
Executive Director of Cossette for 18 years, Martin Sansregret is, since 2007,
President TAM-TAM/TBWA, a marketing communication agency affiliated to
the global collective creative /TBWA. This collective gathers 323 agencies spread
over 97 countries, representing 11,000 employees.