Private Sector

Executives and managers call on Adsum Consulting Group to support and structure the implementation of their strategy, through portfolio management, programs and projects management. We see each project as a transformation and manage it accordingly. We take advantage of these changes to make businesses more innovative and agile.

We assist businesses of all sizes, from the finance, to the energy, mobility and health sectors.

Real Case


A company, involved in a niche market of the luxury goods industry, wished to validate its strategic positioning, in order to identify their target clientele and establish an innovative and profitable business model.

Business Issue

They were facing a major growing phase and needed to formalize their processes based on a unique value proposition.


We mapped the company’s business processes in order to establish its initial portrait. Based on the understanding of the existing context, we then assisted executives to structure their strategic thinking, using models of innovation (Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Design Thinking). Finally we prioritized the strategic objectives derived from this modeling that were the most value-laden.